Painting by numbers, based on a photograph of your choosing - complete TUTORIAL

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What is painting by numbers? 

There are no constraints in the field of painting by numbers, and anybody, even a total art novice, can produce a magnificent picture evocative of the works of renowned painters! Simply choose one of the innovative painting by numbers sets from and follow the simple instructions. 

It entails gradually colouring in the pre-printed blank fields on the canvas. The fields are numbered, and there are corresponding numbers on the paint pots, making it simple to discern which colour belongs where... To illustrate, a field designated with the number 1 pairs with a paint likewise labelled with the number 1. Painting by numbers is fun, relaxing, increases fine motor skills as well as focus! 

Begin, and with a little patience and a few hours, you won't be able to take your eyes off your very own masterpiece! Would you have ever said you could achieve something like this before? 


What’s in the painting-by-numbers kit? 

There is no need to buy anything else because the paint-by-numbers set from includes everything you need. 


You’ll find: 

  • Detailed instructions and painting template 
  • Numbered canvas 
  • Acrylic paints in pots for your particular artwork 
  • 3 brushes of varying thicknesses 


Better to paint with a frame or without? 

When placing your order, decide whether you want a framed canvas (with an inner wooden frame) or just the rolled up version. Personally, we recommend ordering the framed version because it will make the entire painting process easier and will allow you to place the completed painting on the wall right away.   


If you are painting a picture for someone as a present, or if you are gifting an entire set, the framed alternative is much more preferable! 


Painting by numbers – Recreate your photographs 

In our online shop, you can pick from a large selection of ready-made motifs to order direct. However, our best-selling product, canvas prints made based on your own photographs, is something we adore doing. It should go without saying why: No one else in the world will possess an identical piece! That is why paintings based on photographs are one of our most popular presents - the uniqueness, originality, and customisation really appeals to our customers. If you need a picture like this, we would gladly make one for you. Just simply send us the photograph you've chosen. 


How to choose the right photograph? 

However, in order to get the finest results, attention must be paid to selecting a photo that is of the best quality. Selfies, portraits, small groups of people, and pet pictures are the most effective. See for yourself which photographs are acceptable and which are not. 


Our graphic designers are very experienced and can create virtually any motif for you. If you are unsure about your selection, shoot us an email with the photograph in question and we'll let you know if it is any good. 


Quality manufacturing in the Czech Republic 

Our items are entirely unique. is a direct manufacturer of painting by numbers art. We create all of the graphic designs, print the canvases, stretch them over frames, mix the colours, and ship everything directly to our clients all over the world from our very own factory in Prague. We use high-quality inks and canvas, and we offer accurate and consistent results. You be the judge! 


How to order? 

You can select all the necessary options for the product you want directly on our website, including the canvas size, framed or not framed, delivery time, and photo size. 

Are you purchasing a painting based on your photos? Then, once you've placed your order, we will still need to figure out which photo we'll be transforming into your future artwork. We always provide our customers the graphic design template of the painting ahead of time for approval, so you don't have to worry about receiving anything that doesn't appeal to you. You'll always know in advance, exactly how your pre-printed canvas should appear as. 

Once we've shipped your completed order, we'll provide you with a tracking number as well as the link so you can effortlessly trace its delivery status. 


Are you ready to get started on your first artistic masterpiece? Or are you an experienced paint-by-numbers artist striving for the highest quality available? At, you will definitely find what you're looking for!