Dot your photo

Turn your most beautiful memories into a painting that you can now dot on canvas!

Dotting – your own photo

You haven’t had much experience with artistic activities yet? It doesn't matter. The dotting technique will slowly lead you towards creating a beautiful design painting, with your own hands! Just select a favourite photo of yours, that you want to turn into a painting, and send it to us for processing. We will then create for you a template for dotting your own custom photo. On the canvas you’ll find many empty circles of various sizes, which you will gradually start to colour in, with the included felt-tip pen. So all you need is determination, and in the moment when you’ll expect it the least, your chosen motif will start to come clear. Dotting is a great gift for your loved ones - whether you choose a ready-made motif for dotting, or decide to dot a photo of your own.

Dotting technique

Come and see how easy and fun this technique is. With dotting, you can completely turn off and just focus on the rhythm of your dotting: dot – circle – dot – dot... You’ll relax, whilst improving your concentration, and if you chose the version with a frame, you can immediately hang your magnificent one-colour work up on the wall. Guaranteed to impress!



Dotting points - Recreate your photo with dots!
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