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Dotting - Albert Einstein
from €13,99
(1)klient navrh 2021 10 29T144035.979
Dotting - New York City
from €5,99
(1)klient navrh 2021 10 29T142856.188
Dotting - Empire State Building
from €9,99
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Dotting - Bunch of Flowers
from €13,99
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Dotting - Heart
from €13,99
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Dotting - London Bridge at Sunset
from €13,99
(1)klient navrh (12)
Dotting - Big Ben
from €13,99
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Dotting - Planet Explosion
from €13,99
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Dotting - Illustration of Marilyn
from €13,99
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Dotting - Illustration of Dog
from €13,99
100 items total
(1)klient navrh (15) DOT/BUNCHOFFLOWERS/50X50/WO/BLACK
(1)klient navrh (2) DOT/FOREVER/50X50/WO/BLACK
(1)klient navrh (4) DOT/ROSEHEAD/50X50/WO/BLACK
(1)klient navrh (14) DOT/HEART/50X50/WO/BLACK
(1)klient navrh (6) DOT/ILLUSTRATIONOFDOG/50X50/WO/BLACK
(1)klient navrh (4) DOT/JINGJANG/50X50/WO/BLACK
(1)klient navrh (5) DOT/LILY/50X50/WO/BLACK
(1)klient navrh (9) DOT/PLANETEXPLOSION/50X50/WO/BLACK
(1)klient navrh (3) DOT/SMILINGKITTEN/50X50/WO/BLACK
(1)klient navrh (13) DOT/SQUIDGAME1/40X80/WO/BLACK

At paintingfromphoto.com, we have prepared hundreds of our own motifs for you. Originals that no one else sells. Choose a template from our extensive collection, for your new dotted painting. There are many categories to choose from: Abstract designs, or perhaps you prefer dotting famous celebrities, posters or even zodiac signs. You will find motifs for both children and adults, clearly divided into their own categories.

Dotted pictures on request

None of the motifs in our massive selection piqued your interest? Get in touch with us and we’ll let you know whether we can make the motif and include it in our selection at paintingfromphoto.com. In any case, you can also have a picture tailor-made, and enjoy dotting it, exactly according to the photo that you’ll send to us.

Each ready-made dotting motif set contains:

  • Pre-printed canvas (optionally stretched onto a frame)
  • Felt-tip pen, in the colour ordered.

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