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Have you fallen in love with our products, and want to take your creative activities to the next level? Easily clean your brushes with our ecological cleaner, make it easier to paint by numbers with a table-top easel, or shine a light into the numbered fields with an LED pad under your canvas! These little tricks for painting-by-numbers, diamond painting and dotting will make it even more fun to create!


DIY frame
DIY frame
from €3,99
Magnetic frame
Magnetic frame
from €5,99
Additional pen for Dotting
Diamond painting varnish
Wooden clipboard (handheld) - 63x48cm
Wooden desktop easel - 47x31cm
Plain canvas on a frame + 48 colors
from €16,99
Plain canvas on a frame
from €6,99
Illuminating LED magnifier - handheld
15 items total
Additional pen for Dotting
+ more
Brush washer (large)
Diamond painting varnish ACC/DBNVARNISH60
Illuminating LED magnifier - handheld ACC/LEDMAGNIFIERHANDHELD
Kettle for water
Wooden clipboard (handheld) - 63x48cm ACC/HANDBOARD/A2HAND
Wooden desktop easel - 47x31cm ACC/WOODENBOARD/A3