Fuse beads

Tried our fuse beads? Ours are unique and exclusive to the market, you'd be hard-pressed to find another Starry night by Van Gogh or a unique perspective on the Eiffel tower. There are several categories for you to try, ranging from the children's section, to animals or prefer something from the world of film?  Without realising it, time will pass you by as you lose yourself in the magic of fuse beading. It will just take a moment to complete one of our simpler patterns; for longer days, select something more challenging.

We make sure that each kit comes with everything you need to get started with the beads - which have been prepared for your design, including a transparent pegboard for positioning them, a pattern making for easy work, and any additional tools you might need.

Browse our selection, and if you don't see a motif you like, you could have one made based on a photo of your own. In any event, we can also create a set customised of fuse beads specifically for you.



(1)TR mockup
Fuse beads – Powerpuff girls
from €24,99
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Fuse beads – Animals 1
from €24,99
(1)TR mockup (38)
Fuse beads – Paris
from €29,99
(1)TR mockup (34)
Fuse beads – Japan
from €29,99
(1)TR mockup (33)
Fuse beads – Naruto
from €24,99
(1)TR mockup (36)
Fuse beads – Mandala 1
from €24,99
(1)TR mockup (35)
Fuse beads – Snack
from €24,99
(1)TR mockup
Fuse beads – Water world
from €24,99
(1)TR mockup
Fuse beads – Among Us
from €24,99
(1)TR mockup
Fuse beads – Minecraft
from €24,99
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(1)TR mockup PIX/AMONGUS/30X30/WO
(1)TR mockup PIX/MIXANIMAL_1/30X30/WO
(1)TR mockup PIX/MIXANIMALS_2/30X30/WO
(1)TR mockup (34) PIX/JAPAN_PIX/45X45/WO
(1)TR mockup (36) PIX/MANDALA_1/30X30/WO
(1)TR mockup PIX/MINECRAFT_1/30X30/WO
(1)TR mockup (33) PIX/NARUTO_1/30X30/WO
(1)TR mockup PIX/NINJA_1/30X30/WO
(1)TR mockup (38) PIX/PARIS_PIX/45X45/WO
(1)TR mockup PIX/POKEMON_1/30X30/WO
(1)TR mockup (35) PIX/SNACK_1/30X30/WO
(1)TR mockup PIX/SONIC/30X30/WO
(1)TR mockup PIX/SOUTHPARK/30X30/WO
(1)TR mockup PIX/CHRISTMAS_1/30X30/WO
(1)TR mockup PIX/WATERWORLD/30X30/WO