Dotting points


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Dotting - Silence
from €5,99
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from €19,99
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Dotting - New York City
from €5,99
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Dotting - Empire State Building
from €9,99
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Dotting - Bunch of Flowers
from €13,99
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Dotting - Heart
from €13,99
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Dotting - London Bridge at Sunset
from €13,99
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Dotting - Big Ben
from €13,99
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Dotting - Planet Explosion
from €13,99
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Dotting - Illustration of Marilyn
from €13,99
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(1)klient navrh (14) DOT/HEART/50X50/WO/BLACK
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Fancy creating your own painting? Try our DottingPoints method, and immerse yourself in a whole new world of creativity.

The dotting method not only results in a beautifully designed painting, composed of dots and circles of different sizes, but also improves your concentration, encourages relaxation and a clear head from the everyday stresses.

Choose what suits you best, for dotting:

1. Dotting your own photos.

2. Dotting our ready-made motifs, where can offer you a huge selection of themes.

Whatever you choose, you will always receive from us a pre-printed canvas (with different sized dots and circles) and a felt-tip pen in the chosen colour. The dotting technique merely relies on you to fill in all the circles! If you choose any product variation with the canvas attached to a wooden frame, it will make dotting much easier for you. Best of all, you’ll just get to hang the finished picture up on the wall. The dotting painting method honestly couldn't be simpler. Pretend to be a true artist with a pen in your hand!