Loyalty and bonus programmes

We are thrilled to see your keen interest in the creative illustrations we fervently create for you. But we value it even more when you return to us repeatedly, if not regularly.

That's why we've created a loyalty programme that provides you a number of advantages over ordinary customers. Including excellent discounts on Painting by numbers, Diamond painting, DottingPoints, Fuse beads, and any accessories, the more you buy from us, the greater the discount you'll enjoy! 


How to join our loyalty programme?

If you are already registered, then you are automatically part of our loyalty programme! The amounts are automatically deduced before purchasing, which will be visible in the shopping basket & are as per the discount table below:

Total in orders
Total in orders
Total in orders
Discount (doesn't expire)
< 150 EUR < 175 USD < 130 GBP -2%
> 150 EUR > 175 USD > 130 GBP -3%
> 250 EUR > 300 USD > 215 GBP -4%
> 500 EUR > 600 USD > 430 GBP -5%
> 1000 EUR > 1200 USD > 850 GBP -10%









First-time ordering?

1. Sign up here or login (top-right).

2. Check you are logged in before placing your order.

3. Having at least one prior purchase with us, discounts shall be applied automatically. 

4. Find readily-available discounts in your account administration.


Or did you miss out on registering with your first order?

Fear not! It's easy to sign up now, using the email address you used for your previous orders. All prior purchases will be automatically added to your newly established account!


Bonus programme

As an extra incentive, you'll earn credit points for your purchases. For every 10 EUR purchased in our e-shop, we will offer you 1 credit point worth 0.2 EUR towards your future purchases. So, for example, if you place an order worth 30 EUR with us, 3 credit points will be automatically credited to your account, which you can redeem when you check out during your next shopping spree.

The points will be credited to your account immediately once the order is paid and are valid for 365 days.

Additionally, under the following circumstances, we will credit your account:

  • 10 credit points (2 EUR) - for joining our loyalty programme
  • 10 credit points (2 EUR) - on the anniversary of your registration.
  • 20 credit points (4 EUR) - for submitting a photo of your finished painting


How can I save more?

Take advantage of combining our loyalty programme, credit points, and volume DISCOUNTS! If you log in and place an order on our e-shop whilst making a one-time purchase of items exceeding a specific quantity, your discount will instantly see a massive increase.


These discounts apply to all of our products in our range & do not expire!




Where better apply discounts than on our two flagship products:

Paint by Photo & Diamond Painting.


Thank you for all the support so far; we've been beyond happy seeing all your fantastic artwork & look forward to seeing more!

With ♥ from Prague, Czech Republic.