Loyalty program

How join our loyalty program?

If you are already registered, then you are in our loyalty program! Sums are automatically deduced before purchase, visible in the shopping cart & following the discount table below:

Total in orders
Total in orders
Total in orders
Discount (doesn't expire)
< 150 EUR < 175 USD < 130 GBP -2%
> 150 EUR > 175 USD > 130 GBP -3%
> 250 EUR > 300 USD > 215 GBP -4%
> 500 EUR > 600 USD > 430 GBP -5%
> 1000 EUR > 1200 USD > 850 GBP -10%








* If you have made non-registered purchases, please contact us here, referencing your first order & claim your discounts for future orders!

These discounts apply to all products in our sortiment & do not expire!



First-time ordering?

1. Sign up here or login (top-right).

2. Check you are logged in before placing your order.

3. Having at least one prior purchase with us, discounts shall be applied automatically. 

4. Find ready discounts under your account administration.


Where better apply discounts than on our two flagship products:

Paint by Photo & Diamond Painting.


Thank you for all the support so far; we've been beyond happy seeing all your fantastic artwork & look forward to seeing more!

With ♥ from Prague, Czech Republic.


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