Diamond painting - Accessories for diamond paintings

Do you want your diamonding moments to be even more pleasant?

Accessories for diamond painting by numbers.

With our above-standard accessories, which the standard set does not contain, you’ll certainly get more out of your painting. You can choose beautiful diamonding pens and pencils, practical organisers that will keep your individually-coloured diamonds in order; or even buy a practical hoover for the diamonds, with which you’ll actually enjoy cleaning up after diamond painting!


DIY frame
DIY frame
from €3,99
Magnetic frame
Magnetic frame
from €5,99
Diamond paintings case - 60 bottles MUSIC
Diamond pen - Wooden with long tip
Stickers with colored codes of all our diamonds
Adhesive tape for diamonds
from €1,59
Diamond pen - Wooden
Diamond pen - Wooden
Diamond pen - Wooden with 2 Tips
Diamond pen - Wooden with 15 Iron Tips
45 items total
Box for diamonds - 30 bottles ACC/DBOX/30/TRANSPARENT
Case for diamonds - 56 boxes ACC/DTRAY/56/TRANSPARENT
Diamond corrector
Diamond painting varnish ACC/DBNVARNISH60
Diamond painting varnish with applicator ACC/DBNVARNISHAPP
Diamond pen - Candy ACC/DPEN/CANDYGREEN
Diamond pen - Crown ACC/DPEN/BLUECROWN
Diamond pen - Diamond ACC/DPEN/BLUEDIAMOND
Diamond pen - Fin ACC/DPEN/BLUEFIN
Diamond pen - Flame ACC/DPEN/BLUEFLAME
Diamond pen - Illuminating ACC/DPEN/LIGHTSINGLE
Diamond pen - Key ACC/DPEN/SILVERKEY
Diamond pen - Resin with 5 tips ACC/DPEN/RESIN/DARKBLUE
Diamond pen - Spiral with 5 tips ACC/DPEN/SPIRALBLUE5
Diamond pen - Tennis rocket ACC/DPEN/TENNISRACKETGOLDEN
Diamond pen - Wooden
Diamond pen - Wooden with 15 Iron Tips ACC/DPEN/WOODEN15
Diamond pen - Wooden with 2 Tips ACC/DPEN/WOODEN2
Diamond pen - Wooden with long tip ACC/DPEN/OURS1
Funnel for diamonds ACC/DFUNNEL/BLUE
Hearts (1 set = 6 trays) ACC/DTRAY/HEART/BLUE
Illuminating LED magnifier ACC/LEDMAGNIFIER
Illuminating LED magnifier - handheld ACC/LEDMAGNIFIERHANDHELD
LED pad
from €24,99
Mini vacuum for diamonds ACC/DVACUUM/CAR/GREEN
Organizer for diamonds - 30 bottles ACC/DTRAY/30/TRANSPARENT2
Organizer for diamonds - 56 boxes ACC/DTRAY/56/COLORED
Organizer for diamonds - 64 boxes ACC/DTRAY/64/TICTAC
Organizer for diamonds - 70 bottles ACC/DTRAY/70/TRANSPARENT
Pack of diamonds 250pcs ACC/DIAMONDS/1000
Set of additional tools ACC/DBNTOOLS/MIX
Stickers with colored codes of all our diamonds ACC/DBNSTICKERS/ALLCOLORS
Tray for diamonds  - extra large ACC/DTRAY/EXTRALARGE/WHITE
Tray for diamonds  - large ACC/DTRAY/LARGE/BLUE
Wax for diamond painting ACC/DVAX/BLUE
Wooden organizer for trays ACC/DTRAYWOODEN/SMALL