Customers are occasionally unsure whether to order a painting with or without a frame when buying one of our creative kits. Following the "with frame" option, the question of which one to select arises. In fact, we provide a few of them... Having trouble making a decision? Read about the many frame choices we provide and pick the best one for you!

Because we make our sets in our own factory in the Czech Republic, shipping is less expensive and more reliable than from overseas. This enables to offer framed versions of all our paintings at a reasonable price.


To make it easy for you to engage with your finished piece and enjoy it to the fullest, we offer several delivery options. We can stretch the canvas over the frame for you, or you may have it bonded to one of the alternative materials we provide. With so many choices, you'll not only find it easier to create your painting, but you'll also be able to show it off right away by hanging it up on a wall or displaying it on a shelf.  

Which option suits you best?  

Featuring an inner frame  

If you selected this option, the canvas will be stretched flat over a wooden frame. Depending on the measurements you chose, the canvas will arrive in the form of a square or a rectangle to your home.  

We utilise a tensioned inner frame that serves as a structural support for the painting canvas. It stays hidden underneath the canvas, viewable only from the back of the artwork. It is therefore not a decorative element, but a functional attachment that aids creativity and allows you to hang the completed piece on the wall immediately. 


A Circular Frame 

Would a round artwork suit your décor better? No worries! We can stretch the canvas over a circular wooden frame and, of course, alter your motif to fit. This is another form of inner frame that is only visible from the back of the canvas. It does not act as an embellishment, but it does allow for convenient hanging on the wall.  

Circular frames with diameters of 50 cm and 80 cm are now available. 


Wooden board canvas 

No wall space, yet your shelves are empty? The canvas version on board is bound to be your favourite! When you're done, you won't even need to check to see whether you have any nails at home; simply set your painting anyplace it can be propped up against a wall. The thin wooden board is especially useful for painting since it solidly supports the canvas from beneath. At the same time, your painting will complement any interior. 

Our fantastic wooden stands will help make showcasing easy because you won't have to worry about your artwork toppling over. 



Plastic board canvas 

With all of the same benefits when creating and displaying as you would with a wooden board but made of plastic. Would you be interested in this pure white version? 



This is the basic, cheaper option, but customers often imagine it differently. In the painting by numbers market, it has become established that "without a frame" actually only means a basic canvas - rolled up like a carpet. 

Historically, this is probably based on the fact that painting by numbers was sent only from China, and it was not worth sending paintings stretched over wooden frames for such a distance. It was too heavy, the box was too bulky, and it was difficult to protect the canvas and frame from damage during such a long transportation period. Thus, painting by numbers is commonly sold as a frameless version, as are posters, for example. 

However, thanks to the fact that painting by numbers began to be produced directly in the Czech Republic, transport is as a result cheaper and safer. At, we can safely offer painting sets by numbers as framed versions. 

As a result, at, we can provide you framed canvases for Painting by Numbers, Diamond Painting, and DottingPoints. 

We absolutely recommend going this route! Additionally, we consider it a given that, unlike some other suppliers, we do not charge an additional fee for stretching the canvas over a frame. 


At, we consider it our obligation to not charge any extra money for stretching canvas over a frame.