Oh, my precious Diamonds!

Painting by Diamonds

Hands-on, diy, creative & accessible - is what Diamond Painting is all about. With our templated canvases, we aim to make art accessible to all - with or without any artistic experience. Comes with a simple easy-to-use kit containing everything you will need for your sparkling masterpiece.

For those who know our Painting by Numbers, our diamond version is sure to put a sparkle in your eyes; much like Painting by Numbers you match color to canvas, difference being our diamond version replaces acrylic paints with small, sparkling diamonds, which are applied to a pre-glued templated canvas with our diamonding pen.

An easy task, right? Sure! With a dash of patience & focus, your artwork shall gradually develop to a full sparkling masterpiece, ready to be hung on the wall & admired for hours on end!

Read on for details on your dimonding kit, how it works & some tips.





What will you find in your kit?

Based on whether you find your pick from our pre-made templates, or would like your own custom canvas, included in your kit will be the following items:

  •  A pre-glued templated canvas, with hundreds of symbols to fill (rolled or pre-stretched)
  •  Diamonds in each respective color for your specific artwork
  •  Two-sided diamond pen for applying diamonds & a tray for your diamonds
  •  And a guide, in case of any uncertainty.

Consider the optional, though highly recommended blind frame - and receive a pre-stretched canvas, making it easier to work with & ready to hang on the wall once done.



Optional Blind Frame

Tray, pen & tack 



How to go about it?

  1. Unpack the package from PaintingFromPhoto.com and prepare the unrolled canvas (or picture on a frame) and all accessories on a flat surface.
  2. The top of the canvas with a pre-printed motive has a protective layer on it - carefully peel off a piece. However, do not tear it all off so that the adhesive backing does not dry out before you finish the painting. The adhesive for the diamond pen also contains a foil. Remove it from the top before use.
  3. Take a look at the exposed part of the image. Which symbol is repeated most often on the canvas? Connect the diamond symbol on the canvas with the diamond bag number code.
  4. Let's say it's a "D" symbol. Take a look at the legend on the other side of the manual to find out what the color of the "D" symbol is and what the associated code is. Based on this information, you can easily find the appropriate diamond bag.
  5. Pour some diamonds from the bag into a white plastic scoop and shake gently. The diamonds will turn flat side down, making them easier to pick up & apply.
  6. Push the pen deep into the adhesive so that you can easily pick up the diamonds with it. The substance holds in the tip, so it is not necessary to insert the pen into it every time.
  7. Once you have the diamond on the tip of the diamond pen, place it on the corresponding symbol on the canvas.
  8. When you have placed all the symbols on the canvas with the appropriate diamonds, push them into it, for example with a book, to ensure they are in place.
  9. All finished? Congratulations on your diamond painting! Do share your masterpiece with us!



Tips from our seasoned diamonding professionals:

  • Ideally start with one color set of diamonds, and gradually move on to others.
  • Inserting a diamond between 2 already placed ones can be tricky. Don't be afraid to apply a little pressure!
  • Diamonds won't stick? Try pushing the pen firmly into the tack once more. The pen is ready for diamonding if the collected adhesive is visible on its tip. 
  • Are you done with one color for now? Store remaining diamonds in included spare zip bags, for your next masterpiece!
  • Use included stickers to label your zip-lock bags.
  • Have you finished the peeled-off part of the image? Cover it back with the foil and apply a little pressure to set the diamonds in their place. 


For questions let us know at info@paintingfromphoto.com.

* Product is not suitable for children under 3 years of age.




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