Oh, my precious Diamonds!

Diamond Painting is all about being hands-on, DIY, creative, and engaging. Through our templated canvases, we hope to make art accessible to everyone, regardless of creative talent. It comes with a simple, easy-to-use kit that includes everything you'll need to create your dazzling masterpiece... 

If you're familiar with Painting by Numbers, the Diamond version will make you grin. It works in a similar manner, except that instead of acrylic paints, the diamond version uses tiny, dazzling rhinestones that are applied using a diamonding pen onto a glue-based and templated canvas. 


A simple task, right? Absolutely! Your artwork will gradually develop into a total and utterly dazzling masterpiece with a dash of focus & patience, ready to be displayed on the wall & admired for hours on end! 


Keep reading for information about your diamonding set, how it functions, and for more useful tips. 





What will you find in your kit?

Depending on whether you choose one of our pre-made templates, or create your own bespoke canvas, your kit will include the following items: 

  •  A templated glue-based canvas with hundreds of symbols to fill in (Can be rolled up or framed) 
  • Labelled sachets of coloured rhinestones corresponding to those needed for your motif 
  • Tools for working with the rhinestones (sticky tack, diamonding pen, and a scoop for scooping the diamonds up) 
  • Detailed instructions, just in case   

Consider ordering the canvas stretched over a frame; it comes highly recommended, making it easier to work with & instantly ready to hang on the wall once finished.  



Optional Framed canvas

Tray, pen & tack 



How to go about it?

  1. Unpack your package from PaintingFromPhoto.com and lay everything out on a flat surface. If you ordered the framed canvas, you're ready to go, but if you didn't, you'll need to secure the fabric so that it holds firm for the duration of making of your artwork. Keeping it as taut as possible is recommended. 
  2. The front of the canvas with its pre-printed motif has a protective covering on it - carefully peel it back, but don't expose the entire surface for you do not want the glue to dry out before you've had a chance to finish your artwork. A film also protects the sticky tack for the diamonding pen. Remove it before using. 
  3. Which symbol appears the most on your template in the exposed area of your canvas? Choose the diamond sachet that matches to the symbol on your canvas. 
  4. Assume the symbol is "D". To find out what colour the "D" symbol is and what its related colour code is, consult the legend in your manual. This information makes it easier for you to find the correct diamond sachet. 
  5. Pour some diamonds from the sachet into the plastic scoop and gently shake it. The diamonds will go flat side down, making them easier to pick up and apply... 
  6. Press the pen firmly into the glue so that you can easily pick up the diamonds with it. It isn't vital that you stick the pen into it every time since the tip retains the adhesive in place. 
  7. Once you've picked up a diamond with your pen, simply apply onto its corresponding symbol on the canvas. 
  8. Now that every diamond is in its place on the canvas, it is a good idea to push the rhinestones down with something flat and heavy, like a book, to make sure they are all firmly attached. 
  9. All finished? Congratulations on your Diamond painting! Don’t forget to share your masterpiece with us! 



Tips from our seasoned Diamonding professionals:

  • Ideally start with a single colour set of diamonds, then gradually move on to others. 
  • It might be tricky inserting a diamond between two that have previously been set, but don't be afraid to exert some pressure! 
  • Diamonds won't stick? Try pushing the pen firmly into the tack once again. The pen is ready for diamonding if the accumulated glue is visible on its tip.  
  • Are you done with one colour for now? Save the remaining diamonds in the provided extra sachets till the next time. 
  • Use the included stickers to label your sachets. 
  • Finished the exposed part of your canvas? Merely cover it back with the film and apply a little pressure to ensure the diamonds are set in their place.  


Any questions, just let us know at info@paintingfromphoto.com. 

* This product is not suitable for children under 3 years of age.