Beware of Chinese-made painting-by-numbers resellers. How to tell the difference?

There are a number of e-shops on the market, which only resell ready-made motifs from China. Best case, they have them in stock somewhere within Europe, worst case, they order them for you direct from China. This adds to their margin, and you just have to wait patiently at home until the package arrives - eventually - and hope that it will not get held up at customs. How does one recognise such sellers, and why is it better to order directly from a manufacturer based in the Czech Republic?


"Goods from China are cheaper!" "Really?"

The main reason for purchasing anything from China, is the belief that the price is lower. But did you know that as of July 1st 2021, all goods shipped from China are now subject to customs clearance? The end of the VAT exemption means that all consignments will be covered by a customs declaration. You can be represented throughout the customs procedure by a transport company (paid service), or you can take charge of everything by yourself.

The basis for calculating the VAT assumes:

The value of goods itself;

customs declaration fee;

shipping costs.



Beware of dry and expired paints!

If you choose a seller who has Chinese-made paintings in stock, within the EU, and promises speedy delivery, you run the risk that the colours supplied with the painting will be dry. We know from our own experience that acrylic paints, in those little plastic cups, will last (under good conditions) for a maximum of 6 months. What is the likelihood, that resellers of Chinese-made goods, will be careful enough to exclude the out-of-date sets from their offer?
In order for these sellers to be able to offer a wide range of motifs, they need to stock heavily, thus they are unlikely to sell everything before their date of expiry.

For that reason, at, we only produce the paintings as and when you order them - that's why you will also find your name, and the number of your order printed on your canvas.


How to recognise a reseller who has goods sent directly from China?

1. The terms and conditions contain information that you are not entering into a purchase contract, but merely a contract for the provision of services. It means that you are buying a service that a seller will buy goods in China for you. It is a long-used trick of some of the more dishonest trades, which has been pointed out in a number of articles.

2. How is it possible for a seller to be so generous with free shipping, regardless of the size of the order? It is no secret that goods from China to Europe, are not as burdened with such high transport costs (unlike in the opposite direction), because they are funded by the Chinese government. If the seller offers complete free shipping, be careful and aware of the fact the goods are probably not of European Union origin.

"Money back guarantee for transport longer than 90 days" - technically it means that if the transport lasts only, for example, 60 days then the e-shop will still not communicate with you. One might as well order Christmas presents in the first half of September! But beware - the length of transport is calculated from the day of dispatch, not from the day of order. Even if it all lasts up to 120 days (30 days for dispatch, 90 days for shipment), you are still not entitled to any compensation; as according to the rules of the e-shop, everything is still hunky-dory.

How to recognise a seller who sells Chinese goods that are in stock?

  • The seller has a limited number of painting-by-numbers sets (max. 200 different motifs), for which he offers transport within 3-5 days; which are then sent from the Czech Republic or another European country.
  • The seller is not able to offer a personalised painting-by-numbers set, with a delivery of 14 days, because he is not a manufacturer and therefore cannot meet the shorter deadline.
  • It might seem silly, but it works: if the e-shop offers this motif, below, - it's a dead giveaway. It's got China written all over it.