Paint by Number - Painting from Photo

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* if the upload does not work for you properly, send us the photo(s) into our email after you create your order

If you don't enjoy choosing from our ready-made designs anymore, let's create a work that will only be yours and get a custom painting from photo! Send us your favorite photo and we will tailor your own map for painting by numbers, thanks to which you will safely reach your goal and create a truly unique thing. Paint a picture for your loved ones, decorate your home with holiday memories or create a gallery of your own selfies in the hallway! The options are limitless, and with painting by numbers from your own photo, you now have them all within the reach of brush.

Detailed information

Product detailed description

Turn Your Favourite Photos Into Timeless Works of Art!

Do you love to paint? Are you searching for a unique gift to give someone you love – something that can’t be bought in a shop? Want a relaxing hobby to enjoy over the weekend? You need Paint by Numbers, the affordable gift of love that just keeps giving. Paint by Numbers is a groundbreaking concept that unleashes your inner artist, created and manufactured by professional graphic designers.

 banner Vymalujsisam


  • Select the photo you would like to turn into painting. Samples of suitable and unsuitable photos can be found here.
  • Select the dispatch date for the product within 3 or 15 days
  • Select the required size of the future image (from 40x50cm to 80x120cm)
  • Do you want to have the canvas on frame? Choose the "with blind frame" variant or if you opt for canvas only, choose the "without frame" variant
  • Upload the selected photo to your order via the "UPLOAD YOUR PHOTO" option or send us your photo to our email
  • Finally, click on "add to cart" and send the order


  • We will prepare a graphic design for the future picture and send it to you by email for approval
  • Do you like it? We will start production directly. If you are not OK with something, you can change the selection of the photo for free and we will prepare another proposal for you at no extra charge. However, it is not possible to send us 2 photos so that we can prepare both proposals and you decide.
  • After your approval of the proposal, we will send the order within 3 or 15 days, depending on dispatch date you have chosen.
  • Are you wondering when the picture will arrive? We will be happy to inform you about the status of your order on request


 Again, we are the manufacturer. We do not resell cheap Chinese products as everybody else on the internet!

Have a look on our video (subtitles in Spanish and Italian available):


 Paint by number kit includes:

Paint by number kit

Frame – so-called blind frame is an optional feature. If you order your paint by number on a frame (canvas pictured above is on a frame), we will stretch the canvas on a good quality wooden frame so that your painting will become a true art. We recommend!

 rám fin

How to select the best photo for paint by number

When selecting the size of your painting, you should consider the number of persons on your photo. Here is a graphic that might help you:

viac ludi_CZ

Pictures taken from close distance are well suitable for small sizes. If there is a full body on your photo, we suggest bigger sizes. The bigger the faces on the photo, the better.

Jak si správne vybrať rozmer_CZ

 What to avoid when selecting your photo:

  • The photo should not be blurry, too dark or too exposed.
  • Persons on the photo should not have small faces – it is too difficult for our software to transfer such small areas into properly detailed patterns.
  • Photos with too many persons – such photos usually have too small faces.
  • Photos with shadows (especially shadows over faces) are not really the best.


Examples of unsuitable photos:

Nevhodné fotky


Examples of suitable photos:


Vhodné fotky1

Vhodné fotky2



Shipping options

We deliver worldwide and especially our European customers enjoy low shipping prices and fast delivery. Why? Because we are manufacturing and shipping from Prague, Czech Republic.

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