Painting by numbers: Useful tips

Our pride and joy is Painting by Numbers. Many of our customers, like ourselves, have extensive experience with it. Read on for some of our shared pointers on how to make Painting by Numbers as simple as possible. 




Our acrylic paints are easy to use as they spread beautifully and dry in just 2 minutes. But a few tips on how to work with them won't hurt.

  • It isn't required to mix the colours together. Each pot has just the hue you want for your painting.  
  • There is also no need to dilute them with water. If the paint appears to be a bit too thick, only add a couple of drops. 
  • Did you inadvertently paint the field the wrong colour? No worries, just let it dry fully before repainting it with the proper colour! 
  • And what colour should I start with? That is entirely up to you, perhaps your favourite?! 


  • To prevent the paint from drying out close the lids thoroughly after use.
  • If the paint is little off-kilter, a few droplets of water will bring it back to life.  
  • If the paint has dried and cannot be revived with water, you can easily order the exact same hue from us.
  • If you run out of a certain colour, or hue, we'll gladly replenish it for you at no additional cost. (Valid for orders placed up to 6 months after the date of purchase.)


It can be helpful to establish, early on, how you want to work on your project and stick with it!

You could, for instance:

  • Begin by painting with one colour and continue until you have completed all the required fields. Then on to the following shade or hue until you have used up all of the paint pots.
  • Begin at the top and work your way down the canvas. (The advantage is that you will see the completed picture develop all at once, plus you won't smear the undried parts with your hand. However, when painting with this approach, you will need to alternate and wash your brushes more frequently, therefore we prefer the first alternative.)


Each creative Painting by Numbers set includes three different types of brushes that you can use to paint the entire picture with ease.

  • Paint even the smallest of outlines with ease when using our pointed round brush. The comfortably sized medium brush allows you to glide through those easy patches. And for larger areas, you don't need to fuss around for hours, just paint them with our larger flat brush.
  • Do you want a precise and faultless outcome? Then, after using each colour, thoroughly wash the brush to prevent it from mixing with the next paint. A poorly washed brush risks muddying multiple colours or hues, and the end result will fall short of your expectations. Even if you let the brush dry with paint still on it, it will harden and become much more difficult to paint with the next time.


Do you want to ensure that your work gets the favourable response it deserves? Here's what you can do when you've finished painting the last field:

  • Allow the painting to dry properly in a horizontal position for at least one night before handling it.
  • You may then display the completed canvas right away, or get it set for a professional finish and long-term colour protection.