Diamond Painting: Useful tips

Painting with diamonds presents its own set of challenges, but will result in a flawless, sparkling image. If you're just getting started with Diamond Painting, give smaller canvases a try first and see how much you enjoy it, even though it can take a while to see the rewards. We've combined our experience with feedback from customers to offer you tips on how to make the entire process flow smoothly.



Diamonding is not difficult in the slightest. However, a few pointers will spare you from having to make tricky decisions and add to the fun!

  • Sift out a small handful of diamonds from the sachet. Shaking them will help them distribute more evenly.  
  • Stick diamonds of the same colour onto the canvas first before going on to the others. That way you’ll avoid chaos and speed up the task.  
  • Wedging a rhinestone in between already-placed rhinestones can be tricky; you’ll need to press down harder on the pen to get it to snap into place.   


A unique pen and a block of sticky tack are included in your creative Diamond Painting set. These helpers will make the entire process a snap. 

  • Did you stick the pen in the sticky tack, but the diamond won't stay put? Give it another go and get some tack on the tip. The pen is only ready to be used if the sticky tack is visible at the tip.  
  • Did you know that the pen can effortlessly collect up to three rhinestones? Pick up 1 first, then 2, then 3... your work will easily run like clockwork! 


Canvas, protective film, rhinestones, diamonding pen, sticky tack, sachets and various symbols, oh, and a scoop, to name a few. Create a work plan to keep you from getting lost in your own creativity!

  • Are you done with the one colour for now? Transfer your leftover diamonds from the tray straight into a spare Ziplock sachet to avoid losing them. 
  • Stick a sticker with the right marking on the sachet to prevent having to match the code and symbol from the canvas the next time. 
  • Begin diamonding in one of the corners of your artwork. Peel away the protective film gradually and at your own leisure. Nothing will protect the canvas if you peel it off all at once, and a lot of dust and other debris could stick to it by the time you get around to your next diamonding session. 
  • Have you completed the exposed section of the painting? Cover it once again with the film and push it down with the palm of your hand to ensure the diamonds are securely in place.  




Diamond Painting is made infinitely more enjoyable with our accessories. Are you ready to take this activity to the next level?