How to choose a motif

Are you ready to venture into a creative world where anyone can become an artist? Embrace the universe of colour and form and turn your first vision into a work of art! Whether you're searching for a relaxing activity or an original wall decoration, we have a wide selection of different motifs just waiting to be brought to life by your hands! 

Do you want to experiment with Painting by Numbers, Diamond Painting, DottingPoints, or Fuse Beads? We can help you select the right motif that captures your individuality and style.

We've prepared a little guide on finding the ideal motif, including everything down to the standard categories and practical filters that make your shopping experience a snap. 



The foundation of our product range is the sheer diversity of motifs. We want everyone to be able to find the perfect art canvas that makes them excited at first sight. It's why we have the motifs clearly divided into various categories. If you already have an idea in your head that you would like to manifest - be it an architectural treasure, a renowned world landmark, a portrait of a famous person, or a picturesque nature landscape - you'll easily find everything in their respective categories. 




An example of categories for Painting by Numbers. 



Our filters, which you can use both within and outside of specified categories, will help you find the artwork of your dreams more quickly. For different techniques, the selection of available items to filter varies slightly. 

The filters can be found to the left of the product listing. You can enter your preferences for:

  • Price 

  • Colour 

  • Design style  

  • Level of difficulty 

  • Orientation 

  • For whom 

  • Creativity timeline  

  • Type of template 

  • Size 

  •  Framing 



Let's take a closer look at each option. Naturally, you can combine the individual elements in the filters, but if you take a moment to tick all your preferences, choosing an artwork will be a matter of moments! 



The ideal filter for anyone searching for products within a specific price range. Do you want to know what paintings we have at the lowest prices, or do you want to see our special offer of our most expensive paintings? Set a price point and take a look! 



Do you want a painting in a certain hue or colour for your home? This filter makes it easy to select one or more colours, which will then provide you with a display of matching results. Alas except for DottingPoints, where the colour of the entire picture is determined by the colour of the selected felt-tip pen that’s included in the set you chose. 


Design style

Every artist seeks inspiration, whether it's the romance of a sunset, the comfort of bohemian style, the nostalgia of retro design, the purity of minimalism, or the elegance of the classics. Additionally, we are enthralling fantasy world lovers with unique pieces! We've broadened the range of styles, for some of our techniques, to include anime, pop-art, graffiti, and exotic oriental designs. Which aesthetic most closely relates to your artistic focus? 


Level of difficulty

When painting by numbers, the number of fields determines the difficulty. As a result, with this technique, you can select whether to start with the easier motifs (from 200 to 1000 fields) or to proceed directly on to the medium to challenging works (1000 to more than 1500 fields).

We do not specify a difficulty parameter for the other techniques. For Diamond Painting and DottingPoints we talk about the time requirements using the "Creativity timeline" filter. Naturally, the size of the image influences the difficulty in general. The larger the format, the more difficult it will be to finish. 




Do you want a square or rectangular picture in portrait or landscape orientation? Choose based on your preferences. We also have stunning panoramic paintings that will take your breath away! 


For whom

Are you looking for a painting for yourself or as a present for someone special? This filter can help you in selecting themes that we have identified as being ideal for: children, adults, grandparents, teens, mum, spouse, or generally masculine motifs. 



Unlike competing brands, we provide a variety of framing options, including frameless, with an inner wooden frame, a circular inner frame, a DIY frame, and a magnetic frame. Canvases affixed to various types of boards are also available. Which of these do you prefer? Tick it off in this filter!

And if you're particularly interested in a specific sort of frame, let's have a better look at them here! 


Creativity timeline

How long do you want your project to take? One evening, a few days, or are you carefree and willing to coddle the painting for a few weeks? 


Type of template

We create ready-made motifs for you using several template formats. Do you want to pick your motif based on the approach that was used to create it? Select the type of image you want to work on: one created by AI, one created from a painting, a graphic design or drawing, or based on a real photograph! 



The size of your artwork is one of the most essential filters that you will need if you want to fill in blank wall space. We have quite a large selection! From little 20 x 30 cm photos to our enormous 80 x 120 cm ones!