Choice of technique - Diamond Paintings



You'll receive sachets of diamonds custom-mixed for your picture, a set of tools, and a glue-based canvas with a prepared motif printed out in the form of multiple numbered fields. Carefully lay the matching colour rhinestones onto the fields (no glue required) and watch as a work of art begins to develop before your eyes that will dazzle everyone!

I want to get started

Creating diamond paintings is a unique art form that involves setting coloured plastic rhinestones onto a sticky base to paint a picture. The glue-based canvas features hundreds of small engraved symbols, with each symbol representing a specific colour of diamond. Your task is to accurately place the corresponding diamonds onto their respective symbols. 


You can't go wrong
You need not fret about overpainting a field's boundaries with a brush. This technique is known to be an effective way to unwind and relax, even for those who are easily anxious.
Wooden frames
We produce straight onto frames, so all you need is a nail on the wall to hang your work.
Various sizes
We have several sizes! From a teeny 20 x 30 cm to a giant 80 x 120 cm.


1. A picture, that was either chosen from our selection of motifs, or made based on a photo of your own.
2. Rhinestones and a diamonding pen, which you'll receive as part of the package.
3. Patience - composing thousands of tiny rhinestones on a canvas can be quite fiddly, but the result will be well worth it!
4. A clean and quiet workspace - find a time and place where it will be just you and your painting. Enjoy it to the fullest. 
5. A candle, radio, scented diffuser... Set the mood for relaxation and get started!