Which pictures should I use for painting by numbers with my children?

Children appreciate creative activities that allow them to express themselves freely. Painting by numbers is a great way to introduce children to art by having them create a painting like a true artist. To begin, pick simpler motifs and smaller pictures. It only just takes a few minutes for your youngster to fall in love with a painting by numbers — there are plenty of themes to choose from.

Painting by numbers, Star Wars.

It is best to use motifs that are familiar to the child in order for him to be engaged in a painting by numbers. This is why film heroes are a popular choice, boys and girls of all ages always enjoy classic films, and Star Wars is one of them. The Star Wars universe provides enticing motifs for painting by numbers.

The child can create their own Stormtrooper or a little cuter Baby Yoda. A canvas with a pre-prepared motif allows anyone to paint like an accomplished artist. No fiddly and complicated theory is required; simply follow the numbers printed on the canvas, with each painted area bringing the child closer to a great result.

Painting by numbers, Harry Potter.

If your child couldn't care less about space battles and all that sci-fi, other popular themes from films and novels are available. We have Harry Potter for painting by numbers fans of fantasy and magic. This saga's main hero is well-liked by both children and adults so you won't go far wrong with this topic. There are various versions, each with a distinct level of difficulty. That way you can easily adapt your choice according to the age or experience of the child.

Painting by numbers, horse.

Animals are an inexhaustible category of motifs that both girls and boys will enjoy. The horse is one of the most popular subjects for painting by numbers. In the menu, cute motifs with cartoon horses can be found, as well as exquisite masterpieces depicting these animals in all their glory. A horse painting will make a nice addition to the children's room.

Painting by numbers, wolf.

Wolves are undoubtedly popular creatures. The wolf represents wildness - so in our selection, there are paintings with themes of wolves in nature, in their natural setting. But, wolves, on the other hand, are frequently seen as mystical creatures. In addition to the realistic pictures, you may also select from more abstract works that mix various colours and other mystical features. The wolf may be inspiring when painting by numbers, especially in connection with the moon, the universe, or even a dream catcher!

Painting by numbers, lion.

Speaking of different creatures, we mustn't overlook their monarchs, even if it's just painting by numbers. The lion is a magnificent animal whose stare will captivate you. It's why this animal is used often in interior paintings. However, there are many additional alternatives on offer, such as a more abstract version with a mix of different colour combinations, or possibly motifs of cartoon characters.

Painting by numbers for boys.

If you have a creative boy at home, don't be afraid to pick the right picture for him. There are many options, be it that he favours superheroes, animals, a sport, or even vehicles and motorbikes. There's a lot more to offer, including a painting by numbers for boys, girls, little and large.

Because you can have a canvas printed straight from your photographs and in turn receive a unique image, the possibilities are unlimited.

Paintings, for example, should be included in every interior. We hugely benefit from art, especially, if we can make it ourselves. Painting by numbers is ideal for children who are just beginning to explore the realm of creativity.