How to choose the right sized picture?, offers a variety of size options from which you may buy your picture for painting by numbers based on your photo. Take a look at the following suggestions on how to choose the most suitable one, for the photo that you want to have on canvas.


Available sizes:

  • 40*50 cm
  • 40*60 cm
  • 50*50 cm
  • 60*80 cm
  • 80*100 cm
  • 80*120 cm


When selecting the correct dimension, you should take into account THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE and BACKGROUND

Are there many people in your photo? You will need a larger size! The more people in the photo, the larger the size you should choose.

Likewise, decide also according to the background of your photo. Each size is assigned a percentage of numbered fields. The more numbered fields we have available for your photo, the more space we will have to capture the important details. If the background of the photo is complex and contains, for example, a house, forest, grass, or many other objects, those will take up too many fields thus the face in the foreground will tend to disappear. So, the more complex the background, the larger the size you need to choose for your painting.



  • If you want a painting with more people, focus on choosing the photos with great detail of the faces. Entire characters take up too much space in the graphic design (and the resulting painting), at the expense of the face, which is then small, so our software can't capture it properly. The smallest details, such as the eyes and nose will then disappear completely.
  • The photograph should be a close-up portrait of the people.
  • Take a look at our examples, to see how the size of the selected canvas should grow in accordance with the number of people portrayed.

For photos of up to 3 people, you can use these canvas sizes.



 For photos from between 4 to 6 people, you should use one of these canvas sizes.



  • For close-up photographs, where only the face is visible, you can choose a smaller canvas size.
  • But if there is a whole figure in the photo, choose a bigger size – see the following examples.
  • The larger the face on the chosen photo, the more detailed and the better the captured graphic motif will be on the canvas.
  • Does your photo have a simple or no background? Choose a smaller size.
  • Is the background of the photo also important? Choose the bigger size.

The more objects from the photo you want to transfer to canvas, the larger the sized canvas you should choose.



Do you want to paint a collage? Wouldn't it be better to choose two paintings from two different photos? Sending a collage of photos for painting by numbers is not recommended.

If you select 2 different photos, they will almost always have a different quality, lighting, and environment. These are factors that our software does not like and cannot work with. If each photo is from a different environment, there will also be different colours; and due to the fact that each image contains about 20-30 colours, it is possible that not every colour will look as true to the photo, due to the required reduction in the number of colours.

Still don´t want to give up the idea of a collage? Then choose the following sizes:


  • For 2 people, and max. 2 photos >> size of 40x50 cm (15.7’’x19.6’’).
  • For 3 people, and 2 photos >> size of 40x60 cm (15.7’’x23.6’’).




  • For max. 4 people, and 2 photos >> size of 60x80 cm (23.6’’x31.4’’).
  • For max. 5 people, and max. 4 photos >> size of 80x100 cm (31.4’’x39.3’’).
  • For max. 6 people, and max. 4 photos >> size of 80x120 cm (31.4’’x47.2’’).


At the same time, please keep in mind the following guidelines:

  • Your chosen photos must be in sharp focus, with a minimum size of 100kB or more – see How to choose the right photo?
  • Detailed faces in the photo are a must.
  • Your chosen photos must have a simple, or no background.
  • Please adhere to the maximum number of photos in collages, for the approximate number of people.


 If you are still not sure which size to choose, please get in touch, we will be happy to help you.