Summer motifs: Painting by numbers

Summer is in full swing, and we are all trying to spend as much time outside as possible to soak up the summer atmosphere. But what if you surrounded yourself with summer at home too?

What is painting by numbers?

Not all of us are artistically inclined, but thanks to painting by numbers, this is no longer crucial. All you need to do is choose a particular picture according to your desires. It'll be delivered to you in the form of a kit, including the graphic design pre-printed on the canvas and all the paints and brushes you will need.

The picture will consist of numbered fields, so you know which ones to paint. You'll be able to tell which colours to use because their pots are clearly numbered as well.

Each painting has a different level of difficulty. Always choose what you believe you are capable of, whether you are a beginner or an advanced painter. Painting by numbers fosters creativity and skill, teaches precision, and is effective at relieving stress. You might be inspired by these painting ideas for your colourful picture to create the perfect summer mood.

Summer holiday

Summer holidays can take many different forms. Be it out in nature, in cities, near monuments, or various bodies of water; however, many of us imagine it on the beach by the sea. Such a picture will manifest itself, allowing you to instantly immerse yourself in the summertime atmosphere and visualise yourself there. This summer vacation is an excellent choice.

Summer landscape

There are numerous ways to transform the summertime landscape. It might be a reference to lakes, sky, trees, woods, roads, meadows, or other natural features.


A timeless and enduring sign of summer is flowers. They can be included in the artwork as wild plants growing in a field or as home-grown in a vase. Sunflowers are a lovely example of a summer motif that are used in paintings.

Deserted beach

The idea of a deserted beach can induce feelings of calm and well-being, and ease stress as well. Painting by numbers - a deserted beach, without people, and a view of the sea - who wouldn't want to enjoy such a view, especially if he painted it himself?

Meadows and woods

Whether or not there are flowers present, the vista of a summertime meadow can be soothingly calming and receptive to our wellbeing. A forest can take numerous forms, even in the summer. It frequently exudes peace, but occasionally is shrouded in mystery and melancholy.

Relaxing by the sea

Most individuals dream of relaxing by the sea. Of course, we all imagine it to be customised for us... Resting by the sea may involve being physically active or even participating in sports for some, while sunbathing or swimming in the water for others. The painting can be chosen based on your ideal beach activity. Try painting by numbers – rest by the sea.

Summer streets

Even at home, you can playfully recreate the mood of the hustle and bustle of civilisation on summer streets, whether they are deserted or packed with open shops, fountains, people, and various animals.

Summer rain

Do you remember the sensation of a gorgeous day turning unexpectedly cool and rainy? The sensation and smell of pleasant, invigorating, and water-infused air? You will be reminded of that emotion every time you pass a painting like this after you have painted it and hung it up.

Which summer motif is your favourite?