Seven occasions when painting by numbers is a terrific present idea.

Choosing the right present can be tricky if you're running out of ideas. If you know the recipient has an artistic side, you should definitely get him (or her) a painting by numbers picture. Being an artist is not required; passion and a love of creating are all that are needed. These artworks are perfect for everybody, regardless of age or experience, and make a fantastic present.

Painting by numbers for children

Almost every child enjoys creative invention, so don't be afraid to encourage it. Children will easily cope with a painting by numbers since it is ideal even for those who have no prior experience with painting. You'll find in our menu a category entirely dedicated to children of all ages. There are selected basic painting by numbers motifs to pick from, as well as more advanced ones.

The most popular motifs include cats, dogs, and horses, but there are also canvases with popular characters from fairy tales and much more.

Painting by numbers makes for a great present for any occasion. There are several important days throughout the year that you will usually give the child a gift on:

  • Christmas,
  • Birthdays,
  • Dedicated holidays,
  • World Childrens' day,
  • Report card progress,
  • And many more.

Painting your own photo by numbers

Painting by numbers is absolutely not just a kid's activity. Creativity has its place in each of us, colours and brushes provide artistic opportunities for adults as well as children.  In addition to our selection of children's motifs, there are more sophisticated paintings with motifs of world cities, famous people, films, the zodiac, and many more in other categories.

However, if you want to stand out with a genuinely unique present, use your photograph as the subject for your painting by numbers gift. You may pick almost any photograph - this will be converted into tiny lines onto a canvas, upon which the recipient can paint. The result is an original artwork with a one-of-a-kind motif.

A painting based on your own photograph is a popular present for couples.

Your beloved will be undoubtedly delighted by such a heartfelt present. Painting by numbers with your personal photograph may be just the novel and unexpected present you need.

If your anniversary is coming up, do not hesitate in getting a personalised photo-inspired picture with a painting by numbers.

Painting photo-inspired pictures.

Painting a picture from a photo is also an excellent birthday present for anyone. Whether it's a present for your spouse, family member, friend, or co-worker, you won't go wrong with this one. If you know what the recipient's interests are, you could select a motif that reflects his tastes.

If you want to gift a completely original birthday present, get a picture based on a photo of the subject that is dear to his heart.

Just for kicks.

Beautiful presents do not need to be given only on a specific occasion. Why not simply bring joy to someone? Give your loved ones or yourself an original canvas upon which to create a stunning painting. There's no need to be familiar with any particular painting style; simply adhere to the numbers on the canvas and the numbers on the paint pots, and with each brush stroke, you'll be one step closer to producing your very own work of art.

Painting by numbers is a modest creative pastime with which you can unwind from the stresses of daily life. You get a lovely gallery-like painting as well as a terrific leisure activity without having to be an accomplished artist.