Diamond painting: Great fun at home for the kids

Diamond painting is the perfect way to entertain even the smallest members of your household. This creative activity is not complicated, and will entertain children for a long time. They can thus create and enjoy a gradually-emerging picture.

Leisure activities for children

With the advent of autumn and winter, when the weather tends to be unpleasant, it can be difficult coming up with fun activities for children. On the nice days, of course, you can go to the playground or out into nature, but during rainy and overcast days, these options usually disappear.

Activities for children at home

It's no fun having to come up with new activities for children at home, to keep them entertained. Especially if the classics such as board games, colouring books and other toys disappoint. However, there are ways of entertaining children at home. There are games for which you will not need anything, enabling you entertain the child and support his/her development.

Diamond painting for children

If you are itching for a moment's peace, try diamond painting for children. With it, the child can create his own original work, all by himself. In the set, you will get everything you need - a sticky-back canvas with a pre-printed motif, a diamonding bowl, a graphic template and a diamonding pen. Then all your child needs to do, is take the diamonding pen, and transfer the diamonds to the canvas.

Activities for children with ADHD

Finding the right activity for children with ADHD can sometimes be really challenging. The advantage of diamond painting is that it tends to attract children regardless, even smaller hyperactive children, with attention deficit disorder. Placing diamonds on a canvas is not complicated, it certainly entertains and attracts attention.

Games for children with ADHD

Finding more interesting games for children with ADHD, is not easy. Here's a couple of suggestions that you can use -  Always try to focus on the child's strengths, and have fun supporting them develop their abilities and skills. It is creative activities that offer the child the opportunity to express himself.

Diamond painting is suitable for both children and adults, and offers countless hours of fun. It only depends on you which motif you choose, or whether you get one made as per your own photograph. That way you'll get a completely original piece.