Why buy with us?

Excellent value for money

As with all of our techniques, we promise to provide you with the utmost value for your money on the market for creative kits, both domestically and internationally. We are an independent company, thus able to provide you with the best pricing because our in-house manufacturing of photographs are made to order and rarely stay on the shelves for long. Additionally, with us, you'll only find top-notch paints and canvases.

Premium canvases

Our canvases are made of high-quality cloth, so they won't rip at the frame's corners, are easy to stretch, and are a joy to work with! They're flexible and water-resistant, but they also absorb colour brilliantly.

Excellent print quality

Furthermore, we take great attention in print quality to ensure that even the tiniest fields can be easily distinguished. This makes our canvases far more legible than those of other manufacturers or distributors.

3 times more colours than the others

We mix all of the colours in our facility, so they are always in stock and ready to ship. Furthermore, we have over 700 colours in our palette for you, which is unrivalled in the field of painting by numbers - whether locally or internationally.

The coolest designs

We select the topics ourselves, so we can provide you with a wide choice of images from across all the popular categories. In the event that you're still undecided, it's not an issue for us to include a motif at your request in our collection. Furthermore, with all techniques, you have the option of having an illustration generated from your own photo, resulting in a one-of-a-kind piece that no one else will have.

Accurate pictures using your own photographs

We utilise our own software to generate a graphic design for you based on the photo you provide us. Just so you know, production doesn't begin until you give the go-ahead. With over 700 colours in our palette, your painting will appear precisely like the design. We deliver considerably more stunning outcomes than other manufacturers by capturing the tiniest details and exact colour tones.

Swift production in the heart of Europe

We do not import from China or other European nations. We produce everything in-house in our factory in Prague and export worldwide. We can keep up with the quickest manufacturers and even outperform them with our express manufacturing, allowing us to make and dispatch your item within 3 working days. * Because we have no control over shipping/postage agencies, we cannot accept responsibility for delivery timeframes.

Over £60, shipping is free

We don't want the shipping of our products to cost you more money. Which is why we provide free shipping on orders over £60. This is determined so that the majority of our customers can enjoy free postage with us.

Experience of more than 4 years

It started off, working out of our living room and then relocating to our first little factory. Currently, we are functioning in an even bigger facility in Prague where everything is running like clockwork. We began in the Czech Republic then subsequently branched out to the Slovak, English, German, and Polish markets. Three years later, we also made it to Hungary and Romania, where people fell in love with our products immediately. Spain and Italy are the most recent additions to our global family. We are, however, still expanding and intend to enter new markets. Every experience leads us someplace, and we respect your input and opinions. (Because we're no longer new to creating paint-by-numbers products, we know just what to do to provide you with the highest quality at the best pricing. After all, your joy and passion for our items are our greatest reward.)

100% customer satisfaction

We strive to provide you with the best shopping experience possible, thus we don't have many constraints. We'll work with you to choose the precise look of your picture created from your photographs, and we'll be available to assist you if anything goes wrong. Customer care is available for you even after you've completed your purchase with us. For instance, has it been a year since you realised you still have an incomplete painting at home, but all of the paint pots have dried up? Upon request, we will provide you with any paints that are missing, or replace those that you already have. The custom-mixed paints for your artwork are kept on file, along with every order made. Buying from us is completely secure, and we make every effort to meet your needs.

Market leader in terms of quality

Mindset determines quality. Our priority is you - the customer, for whom we aim to provide high-quality items and excellent service. To accomplish this, we make everything ourselves. We use our own software to produce all the graphics from your photos, print our canvases, construct frames, and mix custom colour combinations.

Bulk discounts

There is no need to register or wait for your next transaction. Buy additional items from us and receive an automatic discount right from your initial order, based on our "the more costly the order, the larger the discount" concept.

Loyalty programme

We provide a convenient reward programme for returning clients that affords advantages over regular customers. The more you buy from us, the greater your lifetime discount. It can be paired up with bulk discounts as well as past purchases.