With how large of a picture for painting by numbers should I start?

Painting by numbers is the perfect way to unwind and keep yourself occupied for hours. However, if you are only just starting with painting, you should take it easy. Choosing the right picture, particularly regarding motif and size, will help you stay motivated and fall in love with it quickly.

Painting by numbers on canvas

You don't have to be an artist to paint on canvas with painting by numbers. This concept was created for everyone, regardless of age or painting expertise. The canvas itself will lead you step by step through the process of creating the most stunning artwork.

The principles are simple: a selected motif is pre-printed on the canvas, and individual boxes are marked with numbers. Just match the number on the canvas to the number on the pot with the paint.

It's up to you to take up the brush and get started.

Everything you'll need, is provided in the kit:

  • Canvas with a pre-drawn drawing,
  • Colours specifically mixed for your painting
  • Brushes of varying sizes

Choosing the right theme

If you're a novice choosing the right motif and picture size is essential. The smallest picture sizes in our offer are generally 40x50 centimetres, or 40x60 centimetres. A smaller canvas is a good place to start too!  This way, you can thoroughly acquaint yourself with the technique, and the painting won't take too long to create.


If you really enjoy painting by numbers, give larger canvases a try - you will have loads of fun.


Aside from the size of the picture, the motif is also important. As a novice, you're likely to appreciate more simple artworks. These are excellent places to start because they have larger fields with less numbers. You don't have to be frightened to go larger with basic themes either. However, think carefully if this is the best option for you. Finishing a complex painting might be frustrating at first, especially if you don't see the outcome after several hours.

That's why it's worth starting with a more simple theme - only a few brush strokes, and you'll be able to admire the finished product. After the initial achievement, it'll be much easier to progress to larger challenges. Paintings based on your own photos are a popular alternative; once you've mastered painting, you could also paint your own photographs instead of using ready-made motifs.

Painting by numbers, with a frame

Painting by numbers with a frame is not just for amateurs. There are two options in the menu: a rolled-up canvas, or a canvas that has already been stretched over a frame. A canvas with a frame has several advantages. You won't have to worry about it; place the painting on a surface or stand and begin painting easily and conveniently. Once completed, merely hang your work of art on the wall. You'll have a one-of-a-kind addition to your home's décor.

Painting by numbers is a fun activity for adults and children alike. All you need is a little confidence and patience, then grab the brush and get creating.