Which painting by number pictures to choose for grandparents

For people of all ages, painting by numbers has become popular. They appeal to adults in numerous ways. These include reasons such as managing with stressful situations, relaxing more effectively, fostering creativity, but also because they can be used to enliven a space in their own home or place of business. At the same time, they appreciate it for their children as a healthy form of self-entertainment, but they also enjoy it together. Even grandparents and their grandkids can collaborate in artistic endeavours.

Painting by numbers

Even for older individuals, painting by numbers for beginners offers fantastic activities. They can do it in the privacy of their own garden, on the terrace, or indoors at home. They can take a break from it whenever they want and pick it back up again with zeal whenever they have free time.

Additionally, it is the ideal suggestion for a present that will surprise and please both Grandma and Grandpa or your other loved ones. Not only will there be some engagement, but the finished product will also be placed somewhere to enhance their surroundings. The recipient will treasure their memory of the person who brought them such joy.

Which paintings are best for grandparents?

There are countless motifs, all of which are broken down into categories based on their level of complexity. It is up to you to decide which level you'll use, depending on who will continue to work on the painting. If you're just starting off with painting, use a simpler motif. If you have prior experience, it's likely that you'll choose more demanding works. Does Grandma love fresh flowers? Pick one of our pictures on this subject for her!


Any gift or picture with a personal connection will hold the highest value for grandparents. A painting by numbers family portrait will most certainly guarantee this. Or perhaps a snapshot of the grandparents from their wedding, or even one from their own youth. Depending on the size you need, you can order a canvas print of your photo. Additionally, your photos can be customised as cut-out, portrait, or landscape paintings.

It is vital to keep in mind when selecting, that the photo will impact how challenging the final painting will be. Large areas with consistent backgrounds, even animals and other people, will be ideal for painters.  Similarly, it is crucial to consider the photo's sharpness and light exposure. If it isn't adequate, our graphic designers will contact and inform you that the photo cannot be used for creating a painting.

Once the photo and preliminary graphic mock-up design have been approved, you'll get the entire package, which includes the canvas, picture template, paints, and brushes. If it's a gift, ordering the picture stretched over a frame is a great idea. In addition to being easier to paint, the entire piece can be finished quickly and mounted on the wall without delay.

Such a present will be treasured and remembered with affection by all.