Try DottingPoints for creativity with a touch of simplicity and charm

Do you enjoy creating and are searching for a brand-new pastime? You can develop your artistic abilities and produce your own unique paintings using dotting art. You can utilise this atypical method to create a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

Dotting method

Dotting allows you to create a designer artwork without any artistic ability. The only tricky part of it all is deciding on a motif. You'll get a pattern with dots and circles of various sizes. The choice of what colour you'll want to use is then entirely up to you.

Along the way, you'll not only develop a distinctive image but also sharpen your focus. Concentrating solely on the task at hand, you'll forget about your daily troubles as you work your way across the canvas. Simply grab a felt-tip pen and start filling in the numerous circles and dots. Following the pattern's instructions, and you'll enjoy an intriguing work of art gradually emerging under your pen.

Suitable themes

The dotting method is simple; all you need is focus, a steady hand, and a clear head. Dotting gives you the opportunity to temporarily put your issues on hold so that you can concentrate solely on making art. Take some time for yourself, use your imagination, and let your thoughts wander. Concentrate on the dots and they'll lead the way.

Flowers are frequently used as themes. They are striking in monochrome, allowing all the nuances to shine out. Whether you prefer daisies or tulips, there are several options available. Animals, in both traditional and abstract styles, are unquestionably amongst the much-loved themes. Finding your favourite animal to dot with DottingPoints won't be difficult because there are many options available.


Incredible pictures

For dotting, you won't even need instructions because it's so easy to accomplish. Simply follow the template on the canvas. Once all the circles and dots are filled in, your artwork will be done, with all the dots visually joining together to form your chosen motif.

Recreating your photo with dots

If you can't make your mind up about the selection we have, we actually have another alternative for you.  You could commission a design, based on a photo of your own. Entirely up to you to select the picture or motif - could be one of your family, or your own pets.  Dotting makes for a wonderful present for your loved ones because it is such a personal activity. So, dig out your photo albums and pick a photo that will delight them!

It might be a special memory or something else that means something to you or the recipient. No sophisticated dotting tools are required; simply get a pre-made set with the motif you prefer. A motif template on canvas and two felt-tip pens in your choice of colour and thickness are included in the set. Only these two items, are all that you need to complete your artwork.  

All that you need will be in the DottingPoints kit. The rest is up to you – grab the pen, set aside your anxieties, and go be creative.