Painting by numbers vs. diamond painting vs. dotting. What distinguishes them from one another?

Creative activity strengthens and develops our intellect, so choose the right one for yourself. There are several options for both beginners and advanced users. Do you prefer painting by numbers, diamond painting, or dotting? Let’s get familiar with these techniques and adopt one or even all of them!

Painting by numbers

Painting by numbers is ideal for anyone who wants to experience what it's like to paint like a true artist. You don't need much experience — it's our intention that the entire process can be mastered even by a complete beginner so, the kit includes everything you'll need. All that is left for you to do is to get started.

The most crucial element is the size of the canvas, with the pre-printed motif of your choosing.  It is delineated with thin lines that form separate fields, each inscribed with a number. And each number is matched with a pot of paint. So, you don't need to know any painting theory; rather, just start painting. The kit includes brushes of various sizes, allowing you to focus on even the minutest detail. Finally, you may choose between a rolled-up canvas or a canvas stretched over a frame.

A canvas with a frame is ideal since you can start painting right away and hang the finished painting on the wall.

Diamond painting

Another creative activity that you can try to unwind with is diamond painting. You won't need brushes or paints, but the outcome will still be a one-of-a-kind image. The set contains a canvas printed with symbols, each of which is matched with its particular diamond colour. Individual rhinestones can be glued to the canvas with the assistance of a diamonding pen. But because working with little rhinestones is tricky, this activity is best suited to the more patient people.

Nevertheless, it is not that difficult; with a little practice, anyone can do it. Individual diamonds eventually form a complete picture that shimmers wonderfully and is somewhat unusual. It's bound to become a remarkable addition to your home's décor.

Dotting Points

Dotting will pique your curiosity if you're seeking something truly unique. It is a style where the artwork comes together through varyingly sized dots and circles. So, you get a canvas with pre-printed circles that you must fill in with a felt-tip pen. Dotting can help you improve your focus, and concentrating on the tiniest details is critical for a great result.

Doing this activity, you will undoubtedly forget about your every day worries. It'll allow you to focus on the present moment and observe how the painting arises, from the individual dots.

Shared qualities

Although these creative pursuits differ in various ways, they share several qualities. Predominantly, they are one of the most effective ways to de-stress and unwind. You can choose from a variety of motifs or get an artwork generated based on your own photograph. With the canvas prepped, you will feel like a true artist and your creative soul will be provided an opportunity to grow.

Painting by numbers, diamond painting, and dotting are all great ways to unwind. The only thing you can think about after a long day is doing something creative... Whatever approach and rationale you pick, you're bound to be pleased with the outcome.

The whole activity isn't overly onerous, treat yourself to stunning artwork.