Painting by numbers: Immortalise Marlon Brando, or pick any other motif you desire.

Marlon Brando is a well-known actor, mainly for his role in The Godfather. It has become an inspiration for many artists, and you can become inspired too. Create an original picture, based on the Godfather films, or choose any other theme for your painting.

The Godfather.

The Godfather is a cult film and is one of those timeless classics. He became one of the greatest legends in cinematography, Marlon Brandon in the main role in this gangster film, inspired many other films and arts genres.

Marlon Brando films.

Marlon Brando loved films, but not much is known about his personality. He played many important roles in a number of films, achieved his first success in the film 'A streetcar named Desire,' which resulted in a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role. He later won an Oscar for Best Male Performance in 'On the waterfront,' and many other awards.

Painting-by-numbers according to your own photo

To get more acquaintanced with art, try painting by numbers. Whether you have experience with painting or not, this activity will definitely keep you interested. It doesn't take much knack nor concentration, all you need to do is paint the individual areas on the pre-printed canvas, with their matched colours, and just relax. If you like the idea of painting by numbers, with either your own photo or any other picture - our experienced designers will turn it into a pre-printed canvas for you.

Diamond painting

Diamond painting is a similar activity for which, though, you won't need brushes and paints. The set includes a special sticky-back, pre-printed canvas (with symbols), onto which you'll glue coloured diamonds with the help of a diamonding pen. Gradually, a unique picture will form... You can choose simple motifs that'll take you a few hours, or complex paintings that'll take a bit longer.

Get inspired by Marlon Brando, or don't be afraid to be more creative and turn your own photo or favorite picture into a painting.