Discover a colourful and glittering world with diamond painting

Diamond painting is one of the creative activities you should not miss. It incorporates fun, relaxation, and modern technique. The entire process is relatively straightforward, and as a result, you'll produce a one-of-a-kind artwork that will look great in your home.


Enjoy your time together


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Beautiful and original gift

A superb leisure activity

If you enjoy art and want to make your own artwork, Diamond painting is an excellent option. It's fun to create at home; it's a terrific way to unwind, and the end result is a unique work of art. The whole process is quite effortless. A glue-based canvas, little rhinestones, and a diamonding pen are all you need. All of this is included in a convenient kit so you can get started right away. The shimmering rhinestones are incredibly appealing and will instantly win you over.

Beauty and originality

You'll find in our offera wide range of motifs. You'll find motifs that appeal to you, whether you're inclined towards abstract art, animals, nature, floral, or cosmic themes. Diamonds can also be used to immortalise:

  • your favourite places,
  • film stars,
  • famous people,
  • famous works of art.

Also, multi-piece themes comprised of several canvas pieces are available - a sparkling work of art will become a true prominent feature of the room.

In addition to being able to choose from many different ready-made motifs, the canvas can beused to immortalise your own photographs. You can effortlessly place each individual rhinestone using the colourful symbols on the template as a guide; putting your own unique spin on your favourite memory in your hands.

For easier crafting

The canvas is initially offered in the rolled-up form, but picking the framed version (with an inner wooden frame) makes it easier to work with and is far more convenient to deal with. Nonetheless, it's always a good idea to use something to stabilise the surface so that you don't accidently press through the canvas. An LED illuminated pad is ideal for framed diamond-painting canvases, since it not only acts as a support but also illuminates the imprinted symbols, making them more apparent. Alternatively, you may use a regular book or board as a base.

When working on your project, you'll appreciate having a diamonding pen to hand. It will make it easier to place rhinestones on your canvas, and save you time. The diamonding pen will appear to be a regular pen at first glance, but the tip is hollow. Just dip it in the adhesive tack to attach the diamond, then just merely stick it on the canvas with ease and continue. The pen makes the diamonding process both enjoyable and hassle-free.

Improving focus

You will need patience, precision, and attention to detail because you will be crafting with very small diamonds. However, concentrating on the placement of the rhinestones will help you train and improve your mental focus. This can aid you in momentarily forgetting about your daily concerns and stress, allowing you to decompress and feel an uplift in mood.

So who gets diamonds for Valentine's Day?

Painting in this unconventional style is a great way to unwind. With colourful rhinestones, you can unwind, allow creativity to flourish, and dispel with the gloom and doom. All this work will result in a one-of-a-kind artwork that will look stunning in your home.