A practical helper - a light pad for diamond painting

If you like to practice art during your free time, then diamond painting should definitely not escape your attention. Whether you're hearing about this activity for the first time, or you already are an active diamonder, a light pad will definitely come in handy.

Diamond painting

Diamond painting offers a lot of fun. All you have to do is choose any motif from the menu, or create one that is entirely your own. You will receive a sticky-back canvas, with the pre-printed motif, a small tray for the diamonds, and a special diamonding pen which will make the whole task easier for you!

Diamond painting with frame

When choosing a canvas, you can choose the loose canvas or the canvas stretched over a wooden inner frame. The taut canvas makes diamond painting far easier and more practical to use. Another practical accessory you can use is the light pad, which backlights the canvas and offers greater accuracy when gluing diamonds. Getting a clearer view of the entire canvas, will ensure a better process, that's why using the light pad will make things easier and more precise. The resulting perfect painting, can be used as decoration for your home, or workplace, or gifted as a truly original gift.