Having trouble finding a number within an area? Why's that?


Unfortunately, our software has several limitations, when it comes to producing graphic design images. One of those is that it cannot take into account the thickness of the lines that are printed on canvas.

In order for the numbered areas to be clearly visible, the lines are "only just" thick enough. Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that they seem to actually touch, but the software thinks that there is a gap between them (see illustration 2). Thus the area within graphic design image appears to show as if there is another area created which is missing a number, yet that is not quite the case at all...

How to correctly colour boxes without the numbers?

1. Try to figure out the situation, by using the printed colour pattern that came with the image.

2. Is the line between areas thinner than in the others (see illustration 1)? Treat it as if it were not there.

3. Reach out to us via any channel of communication, (e-mail, Facebook, WhatsApp) and we will gladly help you out with the situation.


Illustration 1: Area without a number.



Illustration 2: Real lines between areas drawn by a software + the subsequently added and thickened line.


We are constantly working to improve our software. Until we are able to fine tune these minor inconveniences, we kindly ask you for your tolerance and patience.